Local Specialists

At PeopleCo our focus is on you, local businesses.

That's right, we provide employment and staffing services to local business and industry.

PeopleCo loves working in the local communities we serve and we pride ourselves on our understanding and knowledge of the local economic, employment and business environment.

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The Best People

Finding, retaining and managing the best people is where we shine. And we know the best people are exactly what you want. PeopleCo delivers customised recruitment and talent retention initiatives to ensure you get the best staff for your business.

How do we find the best people in your local area?

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PeopleCo provides permanent and temporary local staff for a range of industries.

  • Secretarial staff
  • Customer service officers
  • Accountants and book keepers
  • Reception staff
  • Data entry experts

Plus heaps more!

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