Local Specialists

We focus on you

At PeopleCo our focus is on you, local businesses.

That's right; we provide employment and staffing services to local business and industry.

PeopleCo loves working in the local communities we serve and we pride ourselves on our understanding and knowledge of the local economic, employment and business environment.

We ensure the right fit

PeopleCo has great people who want to work with great local businesses.

To ensure we find the right person for you, we will work with you from day one to ensure we understand:

  • Your company culture
  • Your attitude and approach to safety
  • Your people strategy
  • Your employment offerings and conditions
  • Your business ethics
  • Your work environment and benefits
  • Your products and services and more

We promise to deliver

We promise to be the best local provider of temporary and permanent staff to local businesses through a friendly, understanding, helpful and honest approach.

PeopleCo will ensure that:

    • We listen and provide helpful staffing solutions
    • We are friendly and deliver what we promise
    • We follow up with you to ensure we have done all we can
    • Our applicants are of the highest quality
    • We are a local firm that understands local economic, employment and business culture
    • We select partners we feel are great businesses for our applicants by firstly undertaking a survey to find out what makes you special

Find out how we get the best people for your business.